I'm gonna live my life.

*Smile is the best theraphy that can heal our problems.*

Hello loves,

It's really sad when someone don't know about your feelings. I don't know why it's hard for me. I think I am very lifeless. Since I move in Ipoh, my life is getting harder, sucks and whatsoever. All people think that i'm happy but that's really wrong, wrong, wrong and absolutely wrong. Someone please fix my life, Im begging now!! Sometimes I feels alone bcuz nobody want to hear all my life problems. I know my life is getting harder and sucks but what can I do??

I'm full of flaws, I know. But I have learned to accept every little weakness about myself and the most important is loving myself. This is the life that I've to face before Allah opens up any door for me to walk in a better life. Maybe.

" Love yourself for yesterday, love yourself today and remember to love yourself tomorrow."

Salam Maulidur Rasul.

The best of all creations. O Allah send peace and blessings upon Muhammad (PBUH)..

Assalamualaikum readers!xx. Salam Maulidur Rasul to all muslim all around the world. I'm proud to say that Prophet Mohamed is my role model and inspiration. No one will ever replace him. Prophet Mohamed is trending now in twitter. It's mean muslim really cares about Prophet Mohamed. Alhamdulillah! Let us recite selawat to our beloved Rasulullah S.A.W. "Allahumma solia'la saiyidina Muhammad waa'la alihi wasahbihi wabaarik wasallim" 3x. Always remeber Allah, always remember Prophet Mohamed. #WeLoveProphetMohamed.