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Okay what's up with people today? Did chu see it? Yes. That's my boyfriend, Zayn Malik. You don't know? Oh you can search on google baby.Lols. I've noticed that alot of people falling in love with him. Of course yes, right? He have a beautiful eyes #melt. That's really cool Yeah ! Why are you jelly? I don't care, I stil love him. I hope one day I can meet him and follow me on twitter. It's just my dream, I know. But i will make my dreams come true #insyaallah

Btw, I just found this Someone Like You cover. It's Sam Tsui. Omg he's so cute . I've watched his singing. Oh I really love that. He is so talented and handsome. Hahaha. What? Just saying :p Alright, see ya in the next post. Toodles.

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

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