I've been Tagged.

My answers for BiteeDba :)
  1. My birthday was 5/11/1998. I'm 14 an i'm  Ribena kids.
  2. Insyaallah, I wanna be an accountant. If Allah wills.
  3. I don't think so. 
  4. Study first, tenenene :)
  5. I just want one girl and one boy. Equal=2. 
  6. Mathematics and English.
  7. I prefer British english, but American english is okay too.
  8. My first impression about you? You look so gorgeous, awww! lol :p
  9. Normal school. I hate hostel!!!
  10. I choose Friends. That's really really important to me.
  11. Gainweight. Buy it on Watsons or Guardian. lol  ^_^.
------> Thanks for the tag, Dba. Make sure you think about number 11 wisely. I think its the best oppinion. Ahahaha. Love you, xoxo 

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